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Legal Correspondence

All Legal Requests and Documents should be delivered to our mailing address.
903 Westside Drive
Springfield, TN 37172

All Other Contact

Use the Contact Form below for all other inquiries and messages. Indicate your topic subject. For example this may be Advertising, Staff, Submissions, Revenue Sharing, etcetera. Above all include Your Complete Reply Information. In addition the Best Reply/Respond Method and Time is also helpful. We make every effort to reply promptly However, please allow 24 to 48 hours for our reply.

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ClickMyDotVideo will not be responsible for issues resulting from User Generated Content or the use of that content. As a result, ClickMyDotVideo limits it’s liability solely to Content Take Down. However you must file a properly documented infringement claim/court order with us. Therefore, see Legal Correspondence above.

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    Special Information

    ClickMyDotVideo has it’s videos archived. We encourage viewers to use a video down-loader to retain archival copies for themselves. Use either a video down-loader program or online video down-loader. Extract and download a personal use copy of the videos and keep in a safe place. Because these videos are worth sharing with friends we suggest making at least 2 copies. However we will offer for sale or as a paid member item our video collection or selected videos on a thumb drive and for direct down-load.

    General Information

    Welcome to our new video platform, ClickMy.Video. Where Content Matters!
    Check our Latest Posts often for new content, site progress reports, and special announcements.
    We are adding more content of wide and varied interests.
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